Video Game Cliches Pt. 2

Ever get the feeling of Deja vu? The unmistakable sensation that you have seen or done something before…This is part two of a two part series, that feeling is natual in this case.
Enemies carry food/weapons.
this may very well be the most common cliche in video games. Those mindless drones deployed by the games antagonist often carry health items and weapons. Seeing as these enemies lack advanced combat skills, they are basically nothing more than walking item containers.

You defeat the beast then you steal the lunch he was saving for later. Why does that Orc(using a stupid club by the way) have rare uber items needed to beat the final boss? Perhaps it just likes to collect shiny things…or needs to pay off debt to the mob?

This is just so much of an annoyance, it isn’t even funny. All RPG fans know how this bit goes. Dorkish video game character has no idea who he is or why he’s in a strange town to begin with. Regardless of that, tumbleweed for brains is willing to defy impossible odds to save the world anyway!

To say this is over used in games would be like saying Fuji is a moderatly sized mountain. As most RPG’s rely heavaly on story, you can pretty much tell its a dud if amnesia is mentioned even once. Exceptions to the rule? sure there are, but for some strange and unexplainable reason I fail to remember anything.

World War II.
Normally sequals don’t come close exceeding beyond the impact of the originals. The events of Dubya-Dubya Two saw destruction on a grand scale. The underdogs known as the Allied forces eventially defeated the Axis alliance in a war that featured a death count still unmatched in any war since.

People who buy anything related to WWII should fall into a deep coma for about a year or three. We all know the locations and ending by now. How many times do you need to storm the freaking beaches of freaking Normandy before you freaking tire of the freaking repetition? Seriously, its getting old so stop supporting it.

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