My Favorite Blackberry Smartphone Applications

Viigo – ( ) Viigo is basically a news reader type application, but much much more. Keep up with the weather, your favorite news, blogs, stocks, sports scores, entertainment, social networks, flight info, and your favorite audio podcasts.
FiOS Remote Control – If you have FiOS for you TV programing and use their DVR to record TV programs, you can actually view the programing guide and select a listing and set it to record when you’re not even home. It is simple to use and works perfectly! Never miss a program again. You can go to where you can remote control and even download the app to your Blackberry.

Facebook on your Blackberry – If you have a Facebook account and go to from your Blackberry internet browser, you will find a Download link to add their application to your device. It is fast and works just as easy as being on your computer’s web browser. When you get FB notifications and messages, they show up as new messages in your mail inbox. It couldn’t be easier to stay in contact with your FB friends.

MySpace also has a app for your Blackberry at from your device.

eMail – It is easy to have all of your different email addresses delivered directly to your gadget. Just use the Blackberry email setup on your device to create your xxx.@vzw or email address, then add each of your other emails, such as, etc. and your will receive all your emails in one place!

Beyound411 Local Search is a great app for finding businesses, etc. from your location, or any preset locality. Get it at I use it all the time to find a business address and directions right to it from wherever I am.

There are a lot of great tips and keyboard shortcuts that will make your Blackberry so much easier to use. Here is a great link from with a list of shortcuts and tips and hints that will make you love your Blackberry all the more!

The Blackberry solution from RIM, Research in Motion, has been delivering email securely and dependably since 1984. They know how to deliver the Blackberry solution and do it well.

Once you are a Blackberry user, you will never want to give it up…it’s true! Enjoy!

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