Five of the Best Playstation Games Ever Made

A summary of five of the best PSX Games ever produced.
5: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back – 1997

Like its 1996 predecessor, Crash Bandicoot, this fun-packed sequel is filled to the brim with super-deformed cartoon decadence. Unlike the first game, however, Crash Bandicoot 2 is more well organized in its level layouts. Utilizing five distinct “warp rooms,” with five stages located within each room, the player is able to select a level rather than play them through in a linear fashion.

This time around, Crash must find glowing purple crystals from each playable level. Upon obtaining five in a given warp room, he must proceed to take part in a respective boss battle. The bosses in this game did require some level of creative thinking to defeat, which of course added to the overall fun factor. Ultimately, Crash must head on up to the space station of his arch nemesis, Dr. Neo Cortex, and take him on as well.

With the Naughty Dog team’s clever utilization of creative level design, layout and game-play mechanics, this colorful classic absolutely hit the nail on the head in terms of an interactive good time.

4: Driver: You Are The Wheelman – 1999

A thrilling take on classic 1960s and 70s car chase films, Driver: You Are The Wheelman took the genre to gaming like never before. Players take on a character named Tanner, and drive undercover in a menagerie of cities such as Miami and San Francisco. Although the premise sounds simple enough, avoiding the police and getting tasks done on time prove to be quite a challenge.

Requiring a good deal of thought (and failures) to follow through with given objectives, Driver was indeed an interesting game to complete. It did warrant more than one sequel after all. And what’s more, a few cheats punched in to help along with the adventure, such as negating the cops being an issue, definitely upped the game’s overall fun factor substantially. Driver: You Are The Wheelman was a great way to get the adrenaline pumping.

3: Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko – 1999

Before the turn of the new millennium, Crystal Dynamics proved that the third time is indeed the charm with the delightful sequel to Gex: Enter The Gecko. In Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, players can dive into levels filled with television and movie parodies. In addition, Gex himself dons suitable apparel for the stage in question.

The goal of this installment is to save the live-action Agent Xtra (played by Baywatch’s Marliece Andrada) from Rez’s grasp by teleporting into interesting takes on pop culture such as Japanese animation and Christmas. And collecting remote controls in order to advance to higher and more difficult stages. In addition to the main levels, the player also has access to bonus levels played in order to obtain special passwords for unlockables later in the game.

Overall Gex 3 in all of its politically incorrect goodness was definitely worth putting into the now old-school PSX library.

2: The Legend of Dragoon – 2000

Definitely one of the most innovative games of the past decade, The Legend Of Dragoon kicked things up a notch in the RPG realm. In addition to its fascinating take on turn-based role-playing, this four-disc classic boasted one of the most diverse group of characters one game has ever yielded. In addition to a very assorted cast, the title also features quite the varied world as well.

Spanning just about every climate imaginable merely sets the perfect backdrop for the game’s superb kicker, the Dragoons. More powerful forms of the playable characters capable of extraordinary feats of might and magic. And what’s more is that each character/Dragoon controls his or her own element, such as fire, water, light and darkness.

The power of attacks ultimately depends on the player’s ability to keep up with the rhythm of pressing the right button at the right time. This game was and still is a great challenge to say the least. But it would be a horrible crime to have never played it at all.

1: Final Fantasy VII – 1997

Who could forget what some call the greatest game ever made? If you’ve never heard of Final Fantasy VII by now, chances are you’ve been living in a cave on Mars for almost 13 years. The classic struggle of Cloud Strife and his AVALANCHE team to save the planet from a former colleague set a superb story. But more so technologically innovative was Square soft’s (now Square Enix) no-short-of-genius utilization of the Playstation’s capabilities for the now common pre-rendered cut scene.

The only drawback to the first 3D installment of the now long-running series, is only being able to use three characters at a time. And that’s if you really consider that a drawback. Ultimately Final Fantasy VII – what many consider to be the best Final Fantasy game – is definitely a title that has stood the test of time and will for years to come.

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