Left 4 Dead 2: The Zombie Killing Game You Can’t Help but Love

Every year since Doom was first released there has been a FPS Survival game made. Some of the famous recent releases are Quake IV, Doom3, and Dead Space. What do they all have in common? They are single player. Then out came valve with this novel concept of making the survival genre to include multiplayer games where it is you and your friends versus the computer and even cooler, you and the computer versus your friends and the computer. The game was a hit and everyone was playing it before long, especially on the Xbox 360. The logical thing to do once you have made a great game – turn it into a sequel.That is exactly what valve did and they decided on a simple name, “Left 4 Dead 2”.

I want to get this one out of the way at the beginning. The graphics are kind of bad considering the year it was released. This is due to the large number of random zombies that have to be spawned in Left 4 Dead 2, were the graphics better than there would be significant lag

If you have ever played the original Left 4 Dead then you will be happy to know that while the graphics are far from Doom 3, they are a nice improvement over the first game. There are still spots where the player and the ground appear “apart” and the player is moon walking. Overall, the graphics rarely ever distract from the gameplay.


This is a game that was never meant to be played while others are trying to eat. From vomiting noises to the sound of flesh being torn off of a body, Left 4 Dead 2 offers one of the most grotesque and horrifying sound effects to ever be offered in a survival game.


The main selling point of this series, the gameplay is the only one of its kind. This is the first time a company has ever offered you the chance to team up with your bodies and just try to survive (a new mode in Left 4 Dead 2 also). By allowing you to work more as a team rather than a one versus an army setup, it allows Left 4 Dead 2 to be much more fun to replay. Depending on who you play with it can feel like a different game every time.

The other great part to Left 4 Dead 2 is the online play. You and a “guest” can get online and play as a two man team to face other humans. You will play one round like normal trying to defend yourself against the zombies (some of which are humans) and then you replay the level as the zombies themselves. You and your friend will be various “special zombies” with unique abilities designed to kill the humans. Up to 8 players will compete in 4v4 gameplay with the computer replacing any empty slots.

This competition of both surviving longer and doing more damage will lead to hours of playing amongst your friends. Left 4 Dead 2 will show you who did the most damage and who lasted longer allowing you to compete about more than just what the game scores.


A great sequel to one of the best games ever made. It only adds things and doesn’t take anything away. It has everything from new monsters to new weapons. Left 4 Dead 2 adds new modes and many other reasons to think of it as its own game rather than a cool expansion pack. It is available for both the PC and the Xbox 360 and a must buy.

Video Game Cliches Pt. 2

Ever get the feeling of Deja vu? The unmistakable sensation that you have seen or done something before…This is part two of a two part series, that feeling is natual in this case.
Enemies carry food/weapons.
this may very well be the most common cliche in video games. Those mindless drones deployed by the games antagonist often carry health items and weapons. Seeing as these enemies lack advanced combat skills, they are basically nothing more than walking item containers.

You defeat the beast then you steal the lunch he was saving for later. Why does that Orc(using a stupid club by the way) have rare uber items needed to beat the final boss? Perhaps it just likes to collect shiny things…or needs to pay off debt to the mob?

This is just so much of an annoyance, it isn’t even funny. All RPG fans know how this bit goes. Dorkish video game character has no idea who he is or why he’s in a strange town to begin with. Regardless of that, tumbleweed for brains is willing to defy impossible odds to save the world anyway!

To say this is over used in games would be like saying Fuji is a moderatly sized mountain. As most RPG’s rely heavaly on story, you can pretty much tell its a dud if amnesia is mentioned even once. Exceptions to the rule? sure there are, but for some strange and unexplainable reason I fail to remember anything.

World War II.
Normally sequals don’t come close exceeding beyond the impact of the originals. The events of Dubya-Dubya Two saw destruction on a grand scale. The underdogs known as the Allied forces eventially defeated the Axis alliance in a war that featured a death count still unmatched in any war since.

People who buy anything related to WWII should fall into a deep coma for about a year or three. We all know the locations and ending by now. How many times do you need to storm the freaking beaches of freaking Normandy before you freaking tire of the freaking repetition? Seriously, its getting old so stop supporting it.

Get the farming experience with Hay Day

People are very enthusiastic to play games, in order to get the attention of people there are many video games has been lunched and later mobile games had reached more popularity among the people. Hay Day is the most popular game, this game contains more players and fans. People can’t stop playing this game once they had started to play.

The game released for iOS on June 21, 2012 and for android November 20, 2013. It is a combination of farming, simulation and strategy game. The story of the game is player’s uncle was not able to take care of his farm so he handed over his farm to the player. In the beginning scarecrow will explain the player about the game. Now the player must put his effort to make his farm as a best place to buy vegetables and fruits.

We can download this game from i-Tunes or from Google Play Store. As the levels go harder people feel difficult to cross the level, so he cannot able to earn the essential resource to maintain the farm. The Hay Day hack is the best option to get resources in online.

Features of Hay Day hack

  • 100% safety and 100% undetectable.
  • 100% tested and working.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Unlimited diamonds.
  • Proxy servers.
  • It has automated checking system for fresh updates.
  • It works perfectly with Mac OS, Pc and all mobile devices (Android or iOS) and all browsers.

Get coins and diamonds through hack

Hay Day game deals with farming so the players of Farmville in Facebook will feel easy in playing this game and they will definitely love this game without any doubt. Even though the players will feel difficult in crossing some levels and earning coins and diamonds in that case Hay Day hack tool is used to get more coins and diamonds. It is a tool which is totally free and it does not have any kinds of malware and virus threats. By using the players can easily generate the amount of resources that they want within a minute to their accounts.

The essential steps followed to get more coins and diamonds are:

  • Select the number of coins and diamonds you want.
  • Click apply button to generate items.
  • Within few minutes resources will be generated.

This game can be played in tablets and smart phones. It is more popular for iOS and android devices. Through hacking method we do not want to waste time in purchasing coins and diamonds with our investment and by simply downloading the cheat we can able to get resources what we want.


Unlimited cash and diamonds

Hack tool is very effective and stable. When any game is becoming popular in the world some company will work through it to analyze the difficulties faced by the players, after analyzing they will be developing hack methods to cross over the levels. The main aim of them is to provide the players with unlimited cash and diamonds.

Reason to go for Hay Day hack

There are many reasons why we need to go for hacking Hay Day:

  • The people feel tired about getting coins what they expect as it takes more time.
  • People feel hatred to get coins and diamonds by completing missions.
  • The best solution for the players to feel relaxed is by getting unlimited resources using hack.

Way to use Hay Day hack

  • Download the tool for hack.
  • Connect the iOS or android device of yours to pc through USB cable.
  • Open hack tool and click on the detect device button.
  • Click patch game button that automatically updates the game with resources.
  • Start playing your favorite game with unlimited diamonds and coins.

Where to Get a Cheating Tool for Super Mario Run Hack?


Do you want to be one of the best players in Super Mario Run? But, can’t able to collect more coins? If like so, then, at last, you reached the right place to stop your wondering about how it is possible to acquire coins and lives in Super Mario Run. In this section, I’m going to share you the best guide to collect coins such as the Super Mario Run Cheats. Where to get a cheating tool for super Mario run hack? Stay here and continue your reading!!

Where to get a cheating tool for super Mario run hack?

If this is the first time for you to looking super Mario run hack, then you should don’t have any idea. No worries; I’m here for helping you in this by sharing some tips on using the hacking tool for super Mario hack. When you look places to get the cheat for super Mario run, you will get plenty of options such as more and more websites to accomplish it. But, all those websites are not same and also not features the same for players.

At the same time, you know, the developers of super Mario run can able to detect about your hacking. Therefore, you need to pick a right website that offers 100% safety and security for your hack. So, here are some of the things that you need to consider in choosing the best website for you.

Anti-ban and proxy support:

At first, you need to check whether your chosen site offers proxy support and anti-ban features or not, because these 2 factors only ensure that safety detection for your hacking unlimited coins.



If you’re a long-term player of super Mario run game, then you should know that this game is updated recently and now a version of the game is available. Therefore, the website for hacking tool also updates their features based on the version. Most of the websites offer automatic update features, so make sure this thing and get the service offered by it.

Type of service:

There are 2 different types of service available such as a downloadable or online generator. You need to decide which you need and then look for the website that provides what you need.

These are some the things that you need to keep on mind while choosing websites to use the features of super Mario run hack to ensure the right place.

Top Madden NFL Tricks

Madden NFL is excellent to play no matter you are playing it alone or in multiplayer mode, but of course it’s main focus is on multiplayer version.

The game was named after Oakland Raiders player John Madden who is still widely known as one of the best NFL players ever. This game is one of the oldest in the business. It’s idea was born back in 1984 and the first version was released in 1988 under the name John Madden Football. The full name was later on cut back, when the license was purchased by EA sports. Apart from giving his name to the game Madden did and still does way more: the whole strategic planning of the game was done with his active cooperation, following his plans and advice. No wonder that today, lots of coaches and players play it not only for the fun of it: they use it also as a strategic planner.


Mobile hacks

When it comes to games which are specifically played via mobile phones or other portable gadgets the most usual mobile hacks to download are those which use scripts or a proxy with the help of which it will get in the game on your mobile phone and upload the desired points, cash or other benefits which a user has previously chosen.  Mobile hacks are incrementally different from the average hacks because they mostly don’t need to be downloaded. That’s also why there are tons of pages which were set up for the sole reason of offering hacks.  Android and Apple both offer their games in forms of apps. That’s why those who want to break into mobile apps, have to have a very thorough knowledge about how an app works and in what ways can its functioning be violated for a hack to get in, basically undetected. This is the most important part of the trick: it’s really not a good look to use hacks and oftentimes it’s also considered illegal, so think about that and choose the time when you definitely need a hack very wisely.

Should I use hacks or cheats?

You can use both, depending on how you would like to play and how fast do you want to achieve a result. While hacks can help you with insta – uploading the sums of coins or cash you desire, cheats can help you play smarter within the game. There are tons of websites with long lists of cheats, which offer you valuable information on steps you should take, tricks on how to re-gain energy, how to earn money faster so they are definitely very useful, only different from instant hacks.

Mobile hacks are quick and easy to achieve. Take care though and try to be informed via online gaming communities on which hacks and cheats you can use with full success and which the sites that are considered shady or spammy are. There is no better way to gain information on Madden NFL mobile 17 hack than via forums or gaming blogs.

Time Surfer top Tricks & Tips

A Discussion About Time Surfer

More On Ride

If you are a frequent traveler, you can also enjoy the thrill of flying with your friends. This is a great way to save money and make your trip much more memorable. You can get a seat for the night and enjoy the fun of the ride. If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the fun of the party, then you can go for the best of the all inclusive resorts. You can hire a limo to make your stay in the city much more comfortable. The limo service is a great way to spend your vacation in the comfort of your own home.


Facebook has been a popular social networking site for the past few years. The popularity of the internet has increased the number of people who are using this site to promote their products and services. The social networking site has been a great tool for the online gaming industry. This is a great way to make money with the use of the services offered by the gaming sites. The gaming sites are helpful in providing the users with the best gambling experience.


Time Surfer has been a popular game since it was first introduced in the 9s. The hero’s ability to create the game is a great success. The game is a simple and fun activity that has been around for a long time. It is a great way to get people to come to you and win the battle. The Time Surfer guide is a great way to get the most out of wow gold. You can make gold in the auction house and sell it for less than $5.

One thing that you need to consider is the fact that Time Surfer is a game of chance. This game has a lot of different types of games that are played on the mobile. This game is the one that is the most important and the most popular. It is a good thing to have a good app that you can play with. This online game is a great place to get all the information you need.

Become the best in Pokemon Go

How visiting pokestops is beneficial to earn XP

When it comes to the interesting mobile games, recently released pokemon go is a right choice for all smart phone users. This game is usually involving in the augmented reality and completely free to play on your mobile device. Getting more amounts of pokemons in various real world locations and earning unlimited numbers of pokecoins are the main targets of the pokemon go players. In order to increase your level of gaming, each and every player requires incense, poke ball, incubators, bad upgrades, storage and more. All these things could only be purchased if you use a pokecoins hack . Thus, all the players are looking to earn more amounts of currency for their game play.

Why buying pokecoins?

All the players of pokemon go game have a choice of getting several pokecoins for completely free of cost using the simple tricks. Otherwise, you can also able to spend your real world money to buy the currency for your development in the game play. They are actually too rare commodities in this pokemon go game. At the same time, the players can’t able to avoid earning them because they will be highly helpful to buy the various necessary things for this game. The pokecoins as well as represent the in gaming currency which you have to buy for the various needs.

  • If you are using the 100 pokecoins, you can able to buy 20 poke balls, 200 poke balls for 800 poke coins and 100 poke balls for the 460 pokecoins.
  • When it comes to the incense in pokemon go game, you have to spend 80 pokecoins for buying 1 incense, 8 incense for 500 pokecoins and 25 incense for 1250 pokecoins.
  • The players can use 150 coins for three time use of egg incubators.
  • You have to spend 80 pokecoins for 1 lucky egg, 500 pokecoins for 8 lucky eggs, 1250 pokecoins for 25 lucky eggs.

Like this way, you can buy several things necessary for your game play with the help of the hundreds of pokecoins.

Visiting pokestops to get more free pokecoins:

In order to get more amounts of coins for your pokemon go game play, the following is a very simple method which every player should need to try. Visiting pokestops is a great thing to earn extensive amounts of the pokecoins for completely free of cost. Once the gamers installed a pokemon go game on your smart device, the GPS in your mobile starts showing the nearest grass field, gym, pokestops and more. All the players should need to utilize the in-game pokestops in order to get pokecoins and rewards for free.


You can able to find the pokestops at some of the important places like monuments, historical markers and etc. Once you have entered into the pokestop, you have to swipe a given photo disc using the touchpad. It will give you a dropdown list which has the items to be collected. There, you can able to collect unlimited numbers of pokecoins for your game play.

How do you get coins in Pixel Gun 3D ?

Useful tips for getting the pixel gun 3d game online

When you are interested in playing the online games for passing your leisure time with entertainment, the pixel gun 3d game can be the best choice. As it is the internet battle game, you can fight against the enemies and zombies virtually with the excellent quality of the graphics and the best sound system. Of course, this game can be easily played over the internet with a variety of devices. However, all you need is to have the device that can be compatible for playing the online games with the proper internet connection. Of course, there are a large number of sites that are available over the internet for offering you the hacks. In this article, you will see the ways for accessing the hack tool from the best site in the best effective way.


Things you have to know about the provider

Once you have decided to enjoy the pixel gun 3d game through online, you can also use the hack tool for it. Of course, the pixel gun 3d hack is also offered online which can help you get the gaming resources for buying the weapons in the game. However, there are a wide range of sites that are available online for offering you the excellent hack tools for you. So, you have to find the best one from these sites. Let’s see the things you have to consider for playing the game as listed as follows.

  • You have to ensure whether the particular site can provide the hack tool without any cost and simply for free of cost.
  • It is important to check whether it is having the secured platform for using. As the way, it should not notify that you are using the hack tool for the pixel gun 3d hack game to other players.
  • It is simply better to get the sites that are offering the resources without downloading any software.
  • Of course, the service should also provide the resources to your account instantly at the time you have specified for buying.

In this manner, you have to consider all these important things for buying the coins and gems for your account.

Buy the resources for your gaming account

If you have found the best site for getting the cheats for the pixel gun 3d game, you can proceed to buy. As the way, you have to run the pixel gun 3d coins hack and specify the number of coins and gems that you are needed to buy for your account. Once you have mentioned these things, you can able to get the resources as you want through the internet easily.

Of course, you can specify any count of the coins and the gems, because these features are offered for free of cost and therefore, you need not to worry about these things. However, it is important to give your account or username in playing the pixel gun 3d game for delivering the features on your account without any hassle. Thus, you can buy the resources for enjoying the game as you want through the internet in the easiest manner.


Information on Castle Clash – How to get Gems by using Hacks

In today’s gaming world, the castle clash is one of the most popular video games that involve much number of clans. It has over 40 million men and women fans who played in all over the globe. The major reason for using castle clash hack is to clear all the obstacles in this game and also helps you to get some kind of cheats. However, it is a most important video game for the avid gamers and provide awesome security environment with high stability. If you want to use this tool right now, it is readily available online in so many websites. Make sure to choose the best website and get this hack tool for your game play.

The castle clan is a challenging game with all time actions. It is a better way to relieve stress as well as having a fun. This game is perfectly suitable for people in all ages and provides an opportunity to achieve the winning strategy. The best part of this game is supported on most of the mobile platforms, so it has been highly recommended by people. Majorly, there are two operating systems can support this hack tool such as iOS and android. It also gives amazing chance for the players to play against the different people in the worldwide online.

castle clash hack

Why use castle of clash?                    

The major reasons for the growing popularity of the castle of clash are able to winning the battle against the opponents. All you need to do is to choose the right choice of army for you, so you can hire the best heroes to fight against them. In each and every stage of game, you need to spend some resources like mana, gems and gold.

To obtain all these resources, you do not need to invest any amount; rather you can simply use and install the castle clash hack tool on your device. It enables to receive free limitless resources for unlocking all the buildings as well as upgrades. Moreover, the castle of clash also includes the following features that include:

  • No jailbreak required
  • No root required
  • Unlock legendary heroes
  • Unlimited shards
  • Unlimited mana
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited gems
  • Supports both iOS and android
  • 100% guarantee

To enjoy all these features, you simple need to enter your gaming ID after downloading this tool. You also do not need to worry about the unlimited generators. Therefore, you can’t buy almost anything.

Awesome ways to get your own gems in castle clash

Just like any other strategy game, the castle clash hack is fully depends on add-ons that bring excellent gaming experience. In order to obtain more gems, you do not spend currency from your pocket and also do not waste your time in searching the free resources. Simply, you can visit the site and click on download button to buy unlimited numbers of gold, heroes, manna and other resources. However, this game will significantly change your experience and makes you feel cherish in playing games.

Clash Royale Cheats

Clash royale by supercell is a game that is available for the android Smartphones. Clash royale cheats is an online based game with private servers and gets a lot of features. After downloading the clash royale mod you will get unlimited coins. In the latest version, you will be using unlimited gems to buy some rare items at the time of playing the game. It will provide you the option to switch between the servers quickly.

clash royale cheats

Clash royale hack cheats:

With clash royale hacks, you will be having different amounts of gold elixir gems and give yourself many unique cards. One of the important resources in clash royale will be gems. Clash royal gem will hack the exist and give you the amount of gems that you need.

Clash royale hack tool will be tested on some of the android and IOS devices and it will work fine. You don’t need to download any clash royale mod APK. This clash royale cheat will be easy to use. If you enter a cheat code in the game then you will get In-App purchases for free of cost. All the unlimited resources in the game will beat the enemy that will be provided by this cheat and will help to beat every opponent.


Every day the gems counts will be reset to the maximum and unlimited amount of resources will be given to play. The cheats used by the user will be dependent on the mind of the user. Using cheats you will able to unlock all the deck collection and you will get a big treat of powerful cards. By using the clash royale cheats you will get all types of cards without hard work. From this, you can collect the cards and free of gems by using the clash royale hack tool.